History of Computer Animation

What is Jurassic Park, Titanic, Godzilla and other blockbuster movies without computer animation? They will surely turn out to be not as good as we have seen them in the big screen. Computer animation has greatly revolutionized the movie industry.

In computer animation, animated moving images are generated using computer graphics, normally in 3D but 2D graphics are still widely used for low-bandwidth stylistic and faster renderings. The computer animation that is being used today is essentially a modern version of the traditional animation process that uses frame-by-frame 2D illustrations and 3D models. However, since computer is used in the process, generated images are more controllable. Filmmakers greatly benefit from this technology because they no longer have to hire extras to shoot crowd scenes or to construct miniatures and use props for effect shots. Computer animation also allows for the creation of images that are not feasible using traditional technologies.

The history of computer animation dates back in the early 1940s when various researches and experiments in computer graphics were conducted. One of them was John Whitney. However, it was only in the early 1960s when this technology has been fully explored because of the introduction of digital computers. By that time, computer animation was mainly used for engineering, scientific and research purposes. It was only in the mid-1960s when computer animation started to be used for artistic experimentation and then in the mid-1970s when it started to be recognized in the public media. Most of the early computer animations were produced at Bell Telephone Laboratories and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Much of the early computer animations used two-dimensional imagery. It later on evolved into three-dimensional realism. It was in the late 1980s when photo-realistic 3D images started to appear in movies. By the mid-1990s, it has become so advanced that it was already possible to create an entire movie out of 3D animation.

One of the earliest movies that used computer animation was Futureworld which was released in 1976. It was a sequel to the movie Westworld which features a society where humans and robots live together. Futureworld used 3D imagery, featuring a computer-generated face and hands created by Fred Parke and Edwin Catmull who both graduated from the University of Utah. But it was not until 1995 when the first full-length computer animated film was released, which was Pixar’s Toy Story. It was a groundbreaking movie and was the start of many other movies that were fully computer-animated. And the most recent blockbuster movies like Shrek 2, Avatar, Toy Story 3, and Cars 2, among others are all a product of computer animation.

Currently, any development in the technologies used in computer animation is presented in the annual SIGGRAPH conference. It is a gathering that tackles on interactive techniques and computer graphics and is attended by thousands of participants.

Computer animation plays an important role in the film industry. Knowing its history will let you understand how this technology evolved. And it allows you to explore many other possibilities using this creative technology.

3D Animation Simplified

Do you want to know what I do for a living? Well I’m a certified freelance 3D animator, and dare I say a good one at that. With all the repeat projects and the permanent ones that are under my portfolio, coupled with the long list of companies that always utilize my services, convince me of the general quality of my work. Being nice and approachable also helps as who wouldn’t like that.

Your next question probably is going to be on what particular things do I usually work on and what the heck is a 3D animator? Well, our work, to put it simply, is all about imagination and the ways we put it into a tangible object, say a movie or a short film, but it’s not limited to those things and the possible uses of 3D animation is virtually endless, and I think, that as advance as it is now, we are only barely scratching the surface of it’s possible uses.

A 3D animator makes imaginary worlds appear so real that you would say it’s not anymore the drawings and sketches that they really are. We make images stand up and move around backgrounds that also move as well. Lighting, shadows, motion, movement are always considered and scrutinized very carefully with every frame so that we can make the make-believe believable. We try our very best to make fictional things become reality to whoever sees them.

So you can very well see the great effort we put into each and every one of our projects, and sometimes it gets the better of us and in fact, the attrition rate among our ranks is very high. Back problems, especially the lower left back pain variety is very prevalent, usually caused by sitting too much and the withholding going to the bathroom, are kind of inevitable because we really just can’t leave our work whenever we wanted to.

Me for example, I have been experiencing a sort of right side back pain on and off these past couple of weeks. One time it got so painful that I checked with a doctor about it, expecting to hear something that I will be regretful of. I’ve done my research and saw several nasty diseases like UTI, lumbar muscle strain, slipped disc and gallbladder problems to name a few, and all the doctors got to do now is pick among them, I just really need to know which.

My diagnosis was sciatica, which seems to be the result of improper posture, especially during sitting, which I also tend to do a lot of when I am working. So I’m basically flummoxed with my situation. Maybe I should start practicing my seating properly with a straight back and stuff. It’s like grade school all over again.

So the next time you watch any 3D animated film, keep in mind the hard work and long hours that was invested doing it. And if you are really interested in being one of us, do continue with your dream and persevere. The rewards are truly worth it.

Funny Dog

It was another lazy day at the office today with really nothing to do but finish off paper works, again! It’s kind of a cycle with us with regards to paper works and stuff, as we have to accomplish a ton of them after finishing every animation sequence we churn out. I don’t know, but isn’t there a person in charge with these kinds of things instead of us always doing them?

It’s hard enough thinking about the real work at hand but what we really dread is not the technical, or even the artistic side of doing animation sequences, it is the boring task of filling off form after form of this and that every months end. If it was announced that we would be doing those kinds of things when I started applying to this job then that might have made me think pretty hard of continuing my application.

Anyways, you really got to do what you need to do, especially during these hard times we have been encountering these couple of years. Otherwise there’s no work, and no work means no money, and no money, well, you get the drift of what I’m pointing at. So I get to do it whether I like it or not, mostly not actually.

Good thing a dog kept me company throughout the ordeal which also helped eased my frustrations. It was a sort of company dog as it was always brought to work by its owner who was our officemate and this time he went to me as I was eating a sandwich and a banana at that time.

I’m really not giving him my sandwich no matter how hard he kept me on a stare down, but you’ve got to admire how he kept at it. So I eventually threw him half of my banana, which was kind of funny because he ran away fast upon seeing the banana, as if it’s a bomb or something, the poor thing.

A coworker saw what had transpired and was laughing at what had happened, which also made me think if bananas are really a no-no for dogs. I know bananas are very good for people but not so sure about dogs so I asked my coworker the question of can dogs eat bananas? He replied in the affirmative.

He said that he always feed his dog bananas as some form of treat and that his dog liked it very much. He also mentioned that fish oil for dogs is also very good as it was a kind of a cure-all to many a dogs common maladies like fur shedding, joint problems, and lack of appetite amongst other things. He said he read about them in the internet and it was also there where he buys the fish oil, apparently he knows what he’s talking about so I believed him.

Yes the dog came back eventually, maybe after realizing that it was really food that was thrown at him and not some grenade or some other deadly thing. He also ate the banana after several smell through, probably to prove the veracity of it really being a banana and stuff. And I thought he gave me a wink after finishing the banana. I don’t know, maybe my mind is playing tricks on me again. I winked back, just in case.

Friend in Need

So how do I go about doing it? How to get over someone that is, said my friend to me at a bar, which I do not normally frequent. I do not really go to bars period and I was just there to comfort him and stuff.

He had just broken up with his long-time girlfriend of seven years after she said to him that she found someone else, someone who had managed to win her heart. That is, no question, very hard for anyone to experience.

I pity my friend as they seem very happy as a couple the many times I see them together. How many dreams had to be broken and certainly a whole future needed to be rewritten by this tragic turn of events. I really don’t think he saw it coming else he wouldn’t really be reduced to this crying pile of broken heartedness.

I’ve had my umpteenth vodka cooler and we’ve been here almost four hours, talking about many things. Talking about them repeatedly, it seems, but hey, I’m sure glad I wasn’t the one who had the problem or it’ll be infinitely worse believe me. I can’t handle rejection very well and I rather not talk about what I would do if confronted with one. It seems he doesn’t know either.

I’ve known him since we were little kids back in our old neighborhood. His family were well-off and he was the only child, we all know how only child people tend to act sometimes right? Well, sometimes some of them apparently suffer from the “only child syndrome”.

It’s like when an only child gets whatever he wants, when he wants it kind of thing, instantaneous gratification without thinking about anything or anyone’s welfare whatsoever according to this website in the internet. But he really wasn’t like that at all, well at least with me he wasn’t and we get along just fine. We are still friends now right?

But the rejection part I think he will have a great deal of trouble adjusting to as, like it or not, he really does sort of get accustomed to getting what he wants most, if not all, of the time. So go figure it out.

And even if it was not his fault in the first place, he really looks like he is the one that got utterly destroyed by the situation. Well yes, he’s the victim alright, so it is he who suffers most by convention, but what makes it infinitely more damaging is that he can’t really live without her, or so he says. He’s in new territory rather and he’s kind of lost.

Maybe he just needs someone to talk to about it and maybe release some of his pent up anger about things. That’s where I enter the equation, to somewhat act like some kind of shock absorber to his runaway, rampaging truck of grief. Well I’m here for him and I’ll stay with him as long as he likes. Keep the drinks running and let the bad times roll I say.

My Foray into Distorted Taste

metal taste in mouthToday I got a taste of my own medicine, literally that is. You see I always like to have something inside my mouth. Chewing gum, candies, nuts, bolts (just kidding), and even the end of a pen or a pencil while we’re at it, I just like to always nibble at something and keep my mouth moving and stuff. It’s a mannerism I’ve got since I was a little child and I can’t seem to get rid of it no matter how I tried, short of stapling my mouth shut or something to that effect.

I am not particularly conscious of me doing it, I just always find myself gnawing the tip of a pen with my mouth most of the time (the back end and not the one that writes mind you), especially when I’m working, thinking about something, or just plain old daydreaming during the lulls in between things.

I’m not proud of it, neither ashamed of it. It’s just something that is peculiarly different about me. Is it a reaction to something deeper emotionally or a reflection of a subdued feelings? I don’t really think so, maybe it’s just me being a knucklehead or something.

So about the thing that happened to me, well, I had metal taste in mouth all afternoon and whatever I did to get rid of it, nothing seems to work. I checked the pen I was chewing on to see if it was missing something but it was complete, a little bit battered from my chewing but nothing was missing from it.

I also checked on my tooth fillings if there was any that fell out, because I was also chewing gum earlier that day, thankfully also nothing wrong there, which eventually brought me in front of my computer to search on the internet of what could possibly be wrong with me this time.

Dysgeusia was a recurrent term during my searches and apparently it was a common thing to happen to people, not only metallic tastes but also sweet and salty taste in mouth as well. It was defined as the state of altered taste secondary to an illness or to something ingested, in other words it was a symptom of something else.

Things that causes Dysgeusia includes, among other things, are hormonal changes during pregnancies, antibiotics and other medicines, smoking, vitamin deficiencies, chemotherapy, dental problems, some cancers, and also of clupeotoxin poisoning, such as when you eat fish that have the toxin in their bodies, a mishmash of causes that I could pick from apparently.

It also said that Dysgeusia is only a temporary thing that resolves itself in a day or so with no lasting effects. A visit to the doctor is needed for longer instances of the disease, so that its cause be known and treated immediately.

But I’ve got that nagging feeling that it has got something to do with my bad habit of putting things in my mouth constantly. Maybe I’ll try not doing it for a day or so, then maybe this Dysgeusia thing will disappear by itself. I know it’ll be hard but the consequences may be dire if I don’t do it. Apparently the fear of sickness is much stronger than bad habits it seems.

Mr. Whiskers

I kept on looking at the corner aquarium in my office today for no apparent reason. I watched the angel fish chase the gold fish around the tank a couple of times, darting this and that way, seemingly oblivious to all the other fishes around them. Maybe he likes her or something, I thought. But although the angel fish was fast, he didn’t stand a chance against the gold fish, as even though his fins were so intricately beautiful, they were eventually just drag in the water.

The office was sleepily quiet as I was just the only person there. I purposely wanted to be alone as I still have a humongous pile of work that still needs to be done. The majority of the work includes just paper works that was needed to be signed and then filed afterwards, but there is that one thing that has been keeping me. I have to create a story line for a five minute animation about unicorns.

That’s somewhat relatively easy for me to do as I am king with regards to fantasy stuff, but the thing that is keeping me this long to do it, is the myriads of things that kept entering my mind as to how the story would be like. I was almost sure of one thing, when another thing entirely different enters my mind, then another, and another. My knowing a lot of things about the genre sometimes poses problems it seems.

Maybe that’s also why I was fixated to the aquarium in the first place. I kept thinking about that unicorn stuff but nothing really entered my mind, I was just looking at the fishes doing their thing and the minutes ticked away. I thought that there was something missing in the aquarium but that I just can’t really seem to put my fingers on it.

A brief moment of clarity descended on me as I realized that it was those bottom dwelling fishes that I was thinking about, the ones I saw in the pet shop the other day. I think they were called Pictus catfish or something close to that. Those small hard looking fishes that have two large whiskers on either side of their face, and who spends their time stuck on the glass of the aquarium or somewhere in the bottom of it.

Maybe it’s the excess food I saw at the bottom of the office aquarium that made me think of them. They were some sort of aquarium cleaners I heard. I must get some of them to put in our aquarium, as it would sure surprise everybody to see those things stuck to the glass. Hopefully no one fishes them out and throw them away, thinking of it as an abnormality or something. But I think they won’t catch them that easily though, and they have to be creative on what catfish bait they are going to use if they plan on catching them.

I never did get to finish my story about the unicorns by the way. Maybe tomorrow will be a good day for that. But not before I go buy myself a couple of Mr. Whiskers for our aquarium that is.

Aching Shoulders

Maybe it’s because I’m always sitting when I’m doing my work. Maybe it was the way I threw the ball back to the baseball playing kids that I happened to pass by this afternoon, or maybe it’s really because of my posture or the general lack of it. I don’t really know. All I know is that I now have this pain between shoulder blades that’s been nagging me all day.

I have read about shoulder subluxation and it’s my fear that I somehow managed to get it. I have a feeling of tenderness in the area between my shoulder blades and it sort of hurts when I extend my hand whichever way and also when I am lifting something. I have got to get to the bottom of this as I can’t really work with this thing on my back.

Shoulder subluxation according to the medical article I’ve read is some kind of shoulder instability brought about by a rather short-term dislocation of the shoulder joint. The shoulder joint is a kind of a ball and socket joint wherein the top of the humerus is the ball and the shoulder capsule being the socket.

Shoulder subluxation and shoulder dislocation it said, are two totally different things with the former being only a strain on the area, while the latter means a total separation between the structures of the shoulder joint. The shoulder joint is kept stable by various things like tendons, muscles and ligaments, so damage to one of them may mean instability to the joint as a whole.

So the question is which of the two did I really have? Maybe I would safely say that I don’t have shoulder dislocation as I can still freely move my shoulders, albeit with minor pain with some of the movements, and if I did have a dislocation, I would readily know as it would be a sight to see the bone bulging unnaturally on the skin of one of my shoulders. Thankfully everything is still in their proper places and nothing is protruding and stuff.

Maybe it’s some form of shoulder subluxation but I really must not diagnose this for myself as I don’t have any background on this thing and it is only now that I’ve felt my shoulders acting up like this.

Yep, probably the right thing to do during these kinds of situations is to directly go to a professional who knows all about these things. No use self- diagnosing as I may probably make it worse than it is. Who knows, it may just be something ordinary that I managed to forget about like the last time I was complaining about numbness in my legs, turned out I slept on it long enough to hinder circulation in them. I really thought I had diabetes or some sort of sickness that time.

What can I say, maybe I’m really getting old and these problems are just signs of it. Time really flies without us knowing about it and we wake up one day and were already old and stuff. Probably this would be a good time to get that vacation I have been planning to go to for a long time now. Yes, that would really get rid of this shoulder aching thing pretty well.

Work, Work, Work

I was commissioned to do a short animation piece that tackles the various nuances, of all the things, nodular acne. Why would anyone do that I thought, much less pay for one. But I’m not one to complain as it is me one who is on the receiving end of the payment and their money is as good as anyone’s last time I looked. Besides, I need several new pairs of shoes as my old ones I can’t use anymore, thanks to my bunions and stuff. So let’s just say the money would be very welcome and will eventually be put to good use.

So the problem is on how will I portray nodular acne, without the animation sequence becoming some sort of an alien horror flick? Hmm. Would I portray it as some sort of character that comes out of the skin like a mascot or something? Would I include it in a story, or make a story about how it appears? Or maybe I’ll just do it in such a way that it will look like an infomercial kind of animation sequence or something like that. Got to check with the customer first to make sure of how he wanted it portrayed.

Nodular acnes are those pimples that are particularly big and very painful to deal with. They start as that painful bump on your face that you seem to wonder of where they came from, or of how you managed to get it. It affects several layers of your skin and hurts very much. They grow mostly on the face and body, and are responsible for the bad rap that pimples commonly possess, as they are the ones that usually leave behind unsightly scars and pockmarks on the face.

I remember having them not so long ago in my teens. I used to be afraid of going out when I had them, as I am sure I wouldn’t hear the end of it from my knucklehead friends. I used to pick at it at first, trying hard to squeeze it out, but it won’t, and all I did was to worsen it. I’m glad that I didn’t carry much of the holes in my face when I grew up to be an adult, else I wouldn’t be this handsome, haha.

I learned how to deal with them the hard way and only after many tries. It only took a warm towel over the face to hasten its ripening then just leaving it alone did the trick. I thought that it died of loneliness or something as I never did pay any attention to it unlike the first times I had them.

Well back to reality for me, had enough reminiscing for the day as I remember that I still have shoes to buy, so back to work. Maybe I’ll do a love story animation wherein Mr. Acne died in the end, but not without exploding and leaving a huge crater first. Now that would be a sight.

Seesaw Weight

My job is making me really fat. So fat that today I am having such pretty hard time picking things up from the floor, which really was not the case just last year. I am feeling a little bit sluggish with my movements and either the dry cleaning service is doing something bad with my clothes, as they seem to be shrinking, or I am really getting bigger. I believe the latter is more correct if we were to base it from what my friends say about me, and believe me they are not the least flattering.

Another thing that proves my case is the stretch marks located in various parts of my body. I remember having tons of them especially in the belly area and also in the flaps on my arms. I was fat, then I became thin again in the middle part of last year, and if I remember it correctly, it was due to the fitness craze I got myself into that time, as it was a pretty much popular thing back then and I sort of joined the bandwagon. I also went to the wedding of my sister and I had to trim down if I was to fit into the tux given to me.

I used to crash diet during those times and should’ve known I couldn’t keep it up for long as I gained all the weight back in a fraction of the time I spent losing it, probably gained much more than I lost. That rollercoaster weight loss did bring chaos to my body as I suffered from a variety of illness, least of which was not a few bouts of diarrhea and general weakness in my body. That was also the time I grew my very own farm of stretch marks.

My body was fine to begin with, and then I gained weight and had to lose it again in a short period of time. Such rapid expansion and contraction didn’t give the skin on my body the proper time to heal itself, which thereby caused stretch marks to develop on areas that experienced the most movement. Instead of worrying about losing weight, my thoughts then went into how to remove stretch marks, and believe me I did search online and found this site gotstretchmarks.net.

Several of the most common things I saw that are used to fight stretch marks were lotions and creams, particularly Vitamin E oil, moisturizers, egg oil, Tretinoin, Retin-A, Lextrin, glycolid acid and many other manufactured things. Of course there were also the use of exercise to re-stretch the offending stretch marks as well as surgeries like the tummy tuck, abdominoplasty and the use of lasers for treatment. There is even the tattoo over stretch marks route, for those people who are desperate enough to do such procedures.

But unfortunately, the one thing that worked best for me with regards to stretch marks and it removal is, sadly getting fat again. Yep. Unfortunately that’s what it took to at least even out those ridges in my belly, and I didn’t have to do anything for it as it just occurred matter-of-factly. I’ve somewhat came full circle and I’m the least bit excited on the ride developing in front of me. I’m not ready for the next round.

Meet my New Friend, Mr. Bunion

I recently went to my doctor to get my left foot checked as some kind of growth developed there. It’s kind of a swelling at first, but hardened like the skin around it after a few days. It’s also painful to the touch that I haven’t worn any shoes since the day it appeared, good thing I haven’t disposed of the flip flops from my last vacation else I’d be going barefoot.

The problem started when I bought myself a new pair of shoes that I would use during my morning exercise, yes I started jogging again and it feels great. The shoes were not exactly cheap but were so very nice looking that I bought them instantly. Of course I did try them on before buying, and even though they were a little bit tight on the sides, I just thought they would later expand when I put them to good use. Apparently I was wrong.

After three uses, the shoes never did expand on its own instead they seem to tighten up more around my toes. Never knew that shoes would shrink like clothes when it becomes wet or something. But ever the hopeful creature I was, I continued wearing them every morning, them being very expensive did not help either. But that’s until after I couldn’t really get them off one morning after a particularly long jogging session with a friend of mine.

I tried to get my shoes off but really can’t as it was too painful to do so. It was on the right side of my left foot, pinky finger side that is, and it took my friend yanking it while I was not looking, to eventually get it off. There on the side was a visibly red swelling and very much painful too that I never wore the shoes back again that day, contenting myself to walk back to the house with only one shoe. Of course my friend laughed all the way back to our house, but that’s really what friends are for right?

The doctor said I got myself tailors bunion, like these, from the wearing of those ill-fitting, expensive shoes of mine. I wondered of what causes bunions really, and is it that easy to get them? So I asked my doctor who then explained to me that upon seeing my foot, he knew right away I had preexisting conditions for bunion formation. He also asked if anybody in my family has it, which I answered in the affirmative, as according to him, bunions are also hereditary.

So I guess I really have bunions. I was put under ice and pain reliever therapy, that is, I was to put ice and take pain relievers whenever it acts up again. The doctor strongly recommended against using the new shoes again as it was them that exacerbated my situation. Well what else can I really do but obey. I sometimes think I’m jinxed with regards to exercising as something always comes up when I do it. We’ll see next time.

A Day at the Beach

Have you ever had sunburn so bad that you feel like crawling out of your skin? Well I did a couple of days ago and to say that I learned my lesson well would be a huge understatement, as I would never ever do again what I did that day. I hope.

It being summer and all, the genius in me decided to go to the beach and take a little sun on a whim. I decided it was perfectly alright to go, even if I haven’t had any sunscreen available. I just got a towel and drove to the beach. I was wearing Hawaiian shorts that time by the way. So I was with no food, no umbrella, no clothes, nothing. Besides, it’s not on a whim anymore if I prepared for it, I told myself. So off to the beach I went with my towel.

I arrived at the beach expecting a bright sunny day but all I saw were dark clouds hovering all over the place. So I sat near an old couple thinking I should wait this one out and that the sun would come out eventually, its summer right?

An hour passed and still no sun in sight. The elderly gentleman on my right was already sleeping and his wife was reading a book. A cool wind was blowing and the skies were overcast so I decided that it’d be great if I took a nap while waiting for the sun to come out. I was not going anywhere until I got my sun, so I unfurled my towel neatly, stretched my body belly down, and slept I did.

I woke up with a gentle nudge from the old man who said that they were about to leave and that vinegar for sunburn works wonders, he added. Half awake, I smiled and waved goodbye at them. I kept thinking about what the old man said about sunburn and thought that maybe it was just a dream or something. I was about to go back to sleep but I felt a little hot so I turned.

I turned to a light so bright it almost blinded me. It’s like the heavens opened up and the angels were coming to get me or something. But I felt really hot, is heaven this hot? Not only that, I didn’t really managed to do a full turn as my back won’t allow me to. In fact I can’t really move without some part of my body screaming in pain. I looked at my watch and was shocked that I’ve been sleeping for almost two and a half hours.

I slept more than two hours under the sun, two hours cooking my back to a tender crisp, how did I not wake up from all that heat? Well done, that’s how my back was as second degree sunburn, similar to what is describe here, seemed to be the order of the day. I got up fearful of my car and of how am I going to drive home in that condition. The whole of my back down to the back of my legs were hurting. How am I going to get myself home?

But I did make it home. That day I will remember for a long time as it was also the day I managed to break my cursing record. I was spewing obscenities non-stop on my drive home that it would make Eminem shy. I am not going to the beach in the near future and that I am very sure of.

Give Respect, Even if Others Do Not

I have always been curious about what really makes people tick, what sets them off, what makes them tame and maybe also everything in between if possible. Maybe it’s also human nature to want to know about such things, but I really don’t know. Maybe the big brother in me is beginning to rear its somewhat snooping head. Either that or I have too much time on my hand, probably the latter sums up much of it.

One thing that fascinates me no end is relationships, especially the ones between two people of opposite sex. Many manuals and instruction sheets have been written about it, but still there are some that can’t quite get it down. Maybe luck is really not on their side or something. Fortunately they are of the minority else we would not have enough people to populate the Earth, now we don’t really want that, do we.

Everyone enters into a relationship with the good of the other party, as well as his own, in mind. The problem arises when one’s needs get the better of the other and no common ground is reached. Either no one wants to sacrifice or someone really feels the urge to disengage, maybe due to some things that happened that are particularly not of their liking.

Either someone is insecure about something in their partnership, say, maybe trust was lost, or maybe there is a general sense of negativity in the union that one of the involved, thinks of eventually breaking free and does things to that end, even if his intention was not to show such, but thoughts usually translate into actions without us being aware of them, so I guess that’s that. These kinds of things breed contempt inside a person and the corresponding relationship anxiety between the pair is the beginning of the end of the relationship if the problem is not acknowledged or tackled early.

I’m afraid that is the extent of my knowledge about the thing, in fact my head hurts just thinking about it. Do we really need to delve deeper into that? I don’t think so as it is such a pretty simple thing if you think about it. You do good things and everything is well, you deviate from what is expected and everything goes south from there, kind of like most things in our world.

So they begin to take supplements for anxiety(source:http://www.treatmyanxiety.net), take prescription drugs, they cry a lot, and sometimes, they begin to drink themselves silly. Well I really hate to be them but that’s life happening, it’s natural to be that way. I’m very glad I never had to experience separation with regards to relationships and such. The very first relationship I found myself in, kind of stuck and I only had one love and we’re still together today. Now how’s that for luck?

The only advice I could give you with regards to entering into a relationship, is to learn to be respectful of everything all the time. It should work on any kind of relationship, even already troubled ones. You should try it sometimes.

What I Feel about Rabbits

The rabbit, an inconspicuous little animal that you think you really know about but eventually rarely see. Where are they usually? Are they native to our land and have you seen one already, not counting the ones on television or the internet that is. You seem to really know what rabbits are, their likes and what-have-you, but have you seen one in person? Have you held one lately? I guess not, so how come do we have this familiarity with it?

I have asked myself that question after doing the drawings for one that is supposed to be included in an animation project that I have been commissioned to do. My thinking about it literally stopped the pencil in my hand from moving any further, I really had to think about it. Do I know rabbits good enough to justifiably draw it as close to being natural as possible? Can people tell that I didn’t have the chance to see a live rabbit in person up to now? Is it important?

I remembered Bugs Bunny, Roger Rabbit, the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, the Energizer Bunny, and heck I even knew of the killer rabbit of Caerbannog, yes I saw that film forgive me, and who wouldn’t know about the Turtle and the Hare, your childhood is not very good if you haven’t heard that one. They may all be from several bunny breeds, as their different looks may prove, but they are all rabbits still.

Rabbits seem to be as mainstream as dogs and cats are, and you really can see them everywhere, either an image, a depiction, or a description of them somewhere, somehow. I also remember a cereal I used to eat when I was younger that has a rabbit on its label, I think it was called Trix or something, made me think of why use a rabbit instead of the more popular dog or even the usual cat while we’re at it.

Such the mystique the rabbit has on me that I even know of several bunny facts, even if I still haven’t had the chance to meet one in person. Did you know that rabbits don’t sweat? They just can’t, they instead use their big ears to regulate their body temperature and stuff. Or the fact that rabbits can see things behind them without even turning a bit? Unfortunately though, they have a blind spot in front of them.

Rabbit are also neither a day animal nor nocturnal, but they are crepuscular, which means they are more active during the times of dusk and dawn, talk about weird. And yes, rabbits are little baby factories capable of producing of up to ten little bunnies every month. Now imagine leaving a male and a female rabbit in the wild and returning a year later. You would eventually go back to a sea of rabbits that would truly be a site to behold, if not to fear that is.

I could go on and on with this rabbit thing, just don’t ask me of how it feels to hold one as I have yet to do that. I don’t know really, maybe it is both in the rabbit’s and my fate that we would not get to see each other in person up to now. Maybe in the near future that would change. Here’s to hoping that it would not happen soon.

Started to Exercise Again

I had tingling feet when I woke up this morning. It’s really not on both of them and just the left one seems to be acting strangely. I purposely tried to get out of bed early this day as it was to be the second day that I will go jogging. Yep, I just started what I have been planning for a long time, to exercise and try to lose some weight.

I’m not getting any younger and the tire on my belly seems to be inflating somehow and that made me a little bit conscious of myself. I didn’t mind it really but it’s beginning to be more visible now and my clothes are shrinking because of it. I know you had to keep these sorts of things checked as it may affect your health, so I decided to do something about it.

The first day was very tiring to say the least. I haven’t walked a lot lately and there I was, trying to jog around the block. I was drenched with sweat even before I had started, probably because of anticipation of the task at hand, and you could very well imagine what came next. I was panting so hard, I would’ve made any dog jealous and it took about two hours’ worth of alternately walking, jogging and sitting to finish the short distance.

I was very much exhausted but was at the same time also very happy and proud of myself for doing it. The occasion would’ve been much more glorious if I hadn’t stepped rather awkwardly on that forsaken rock on my way home. I sort of twisted my ankle a bit but never thought much about it until later that afternoon when it began to swell a little. I must have had a sprained foot or something similar.

I remembered an old remedy that my mom used to do on us when we were little and it involved gently rolling your feet on a bottle continuously to somehow ease the pain from these kinds of injuries. There was nothing to lose if I tried so I went ahead and did it.

I was pleasantly surprised that it did ease the pain a lot when I did it, and although it hurts pretty much in the beginning, the effort was worth it. The swelling eventually subsided and only a slight stiffness in the area remained. Guess you could say that old remedies do have some truth behind them as they do really work. I just took some pain reliever to help with the remaining pain and hoped for the best.

I eventually decided to forego jogging altogether for some rest as I was afraid I might worsen the sprain if I ran on it on such short notice. I just promised myself to continue my jogging again once this thing resolves itself somehow. I did go back to bed and slept like a baby. Maybe because I was so tired from yesterdays adventure and my muscles are still aching because of it. Anyways, I’m just happy I got to start exercising.