Started to Exercise Again

I had tingling feet when I woke up this morning. It’s really not on both of them and just the left one seems to be acting strangely. I purposely tried to get out of bed early this day as it was to be the second day that I will go jogging. Yep, I just started what I have been planning for a long time, to exercise and try to lose some weight.

I’m not getting any younger and the tire on my belly seems to be inflating somehow and that made me a little bit conscious of myself. I didn’t mind it really but it’s beginning to be more visible now and my clothes are shrinking because of it. I know you had to keep these sorts of things checked as it may affect your health, so I decided to do something about it.

The first day was very tiring to say the least. I haven’t walked a lot lately and there I was, trying to jog around the block. I was drenched with sweat even before I had started, probably because of anticipation of the task at hand, and you could very well imagine what came next. I was panting so hard, I would’ve made any dog jealous and it took about two hours’ worth of alternately walking, jogging and sitting to finish the short distance.

I was very much exhausted but was at the same time also very happy and proud of myself for doing it. The occasion would’ve been much more glorious if I hadn’t stepped rather awkwardly on that forsaken rock on my way home. I sort of twisted my ankle a bit but never thought much about it until later that afternoon when it began to swell a little. I must have had a sprained foot or something similar.

I remembered an old remedy that my mom used to do on us when we were little and it involved gently rolling your feet on a bottle continuously to somehow ease the pain from these kinds of injuries. There was nothing to lose if I tried so I went ahead and did it.

I was pleasantly surprised that it did ease the pain a lot when I did it, and although it hurts pretty much in the beginning, the effort was worth it. The swelling eventually subsided and only a slight stiffness in the area remained. Guess you could say that old remedies do have some truth behind them as they do really work. I just took some pain reliever to help with the remaining pain and hoped for the best.

I eventually decided to forego jogging altogether for some rest as I was afraid I might worsen the sprain if I ran on it on such short notice. I just promised myself to continue my jogging again once this thing resolves itself somehow. I did go back to bed and slept like a baby. Maybe because I was so tired from yesterdays adventure and my muscles are still aching because of it. Anyways, I’m just happy I got to start exercising.