What I Feel about Rabbits

The rabbit, an inconspicuous little animal that you think you really know about but eventually rarely see. Where are they usually? Are they native to our land and have you seen one already, not counting the ones on television or the internet that is. You seem to really know what rabbits are, their likes and what-have-you, but have you seen one in person? Have you held one lately? I guess not, so how come do we have this familiarity with it?

I have asked myself that question after doing the drawings for one that is supposed to be included in an animation project that I have been commissioned to do. My thinking about it literally stopped the pencil in my hand from moving any further, I really had to think about it. Do I know rabbits good enough to justifiably draw it as close to being natural as possible? Can people tell that I didn’t have the chance to see a live rabbit in person up to now? Is it important?

I remembered Bugs Bunny, Roger Rabbit, the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, the Energizer Bunny, and heck I even knew of the killer rabbit of Caerbannog, yes I saw that film forgive me, and who wouldn’t know about the Turtle and the Hare, your childhood is not very good if you haven’t heard that one. They may all be from several bunny breeds, as their different looks may prove, but they are all rabbits still.

Rabbits seem to be as mainstream as dogs and cats are, and you really can see them everywhere, either an image, a depiction, or a description of them somewhere, somehow. I also remember a cereal I used to eat when I was younger that has a rabbit on its label, I think it was called Trix or something, made me think of why use a rabbit instead of the more popular dog or even the usual cat while we’re at it.

Such the mystique the rabbit has on me that I even know of several bunny facts, even if I still haven’t had the chance to meet one in person. Did you know that rabbits don’t sweat? They just can’t, they instead use their big ears to regulate their body temperature and stuff. Or the fact that rabbits can see things behind them without even turning a bit? Unfortunately though, they have a blind spot in front of them.

Rabbit are also neither a day animal nor nocturnal, but they are crepuscular, which means they are more active during the times of dusk and dawn, talk about weird. And yes, rabbits are little baby factories capable of producing of up to ten little bunnies every month. Now imagine leaving a male and a female rabbit in the wild and returning a year later. You would eventually go back to a sea of rabbits that would truly be a site to behold, if not to fear that is.

I could go on and on with this rabbit thing, just don’t ask me of how it feels to hold one as I have yet to do that. I don’t know really, maybe it is both in the rabbit’s and my fate that we would not get to see each other in person up to now. Maybe in the near future that would change. Here’s to hoping that it would not happen soon.