Give Respect, Even if Others Do Not

I have always been curious about what really makes people tick, what sets them off, what makes them tame and maybe also everything in between if possible. Maybe it’s also human nature to want to know about such things, but I really don’t know. Maybe the big brother in me is beginning to rear its somewhat snooping head. Either that or I have too much time on my hand, probably the latter sums up much of it.

One thing that fascinates me no end is relationships, especially the ones between two people of opposite sex. Many manuals and instruction sheets have been written about it, but still there are some that can’t quite get it down. Maybe luck is really not on their side or something. Fortunately they are of the minority else we would not have enough people to populate the Earth, now we don’t really want that, do we.

Everyone enters into a relationship with the good of the other party, as well as his own, in mind. The problem arises when one’s needs get the better of the other and no common ground is reached. Either no one wants to sacrifice or someone really feels the urge to disengage, maybe due to some things that happened that are particularly not of their liking.

Either someone is insecure about something in their partnership, say, maybe trust was lost, or maybe there is a general sense of negativity in the union that one of the involved, thinks of eventually breaking free and does things to that end, even if his intention was not to show such, but thoughts usually translate into actions without us being aware of them, so I guess that’s that. These kinds of things breed contempt inside a person and the corresponding relationship anxiety between the pair is the beginning of the end of the relationship if the problem is not acknowledged or tackled early.

I’m afraid that is the extent of my knowledge about the thing, in fact my head hurts just thinking about it. Do we really need to delve deeper into that? I don’t think so as it is such a pretty simple thing if you think about it. You do good things and everything is well, you deviate from what is expected and everything goes south from there, kind of like most things in our world.

So they begin to take supplements for anxiety(source:, take prescription drugs, they cry a lot, and sometimes, they begin to drink themselves silly. Well I really hate to be them but that’s life happening, it’s natural to be that way. I’m very glad I never had to experience separation with regards to relationships and such. The very first relationship I found myself in, kind of stuck and I only had one love and we’re still together today. Now how’s that for luck?

The only advice I could give you with regards to entering into a relationship, is to learn to be respectful of everything all the time. It should work on any kind of relationship, even already troubled ones. You should try it sometimes.