Meet my New Friend, Mr. Bunion

I recently went to my doctor to get my left foot checked as some kind of growth developed there. It’s kind of a swelling at first, but hardened like the skin around it after a few days. It’s also painful to the touch that I haven’t worn any shoes since the day it appeared, good thing I haven’t disposed of the flip flops from my last vacation else I’d be going barefoot.

The problem started when I bought myself a new pair of shoes that I would use during my morning exercise, yes I started jogging again and it feels great. The shoes were not exactly cheap but were so very nice looking that I bought them instantly. Of course I did try them on before buying, and even though they were a little bit tight on the sides, I just thought they would later expand when I put them to good use. Apparently I was wrong.

After three uses, the shoes never did expand on its own instead they seem to tighten up more around my toes. Never knew that shoes would shrink like clothes when it becomes wet or something. But ever the hopeful creature I was, I continued wearing them every morning, them being very expensive did not help either. But that’s until after I couldn’t really get them off one morning after a particularly long jogging session with a friend of mine.

I tried to get my shoes off but really can’t as it was too painful to do so. It was on the right side of my left foot, pinky finger side that is, and it took my friend yanking it while I was not looking, to eventually get it off. There on the side was a visibly red swelling and very much painful too that I never wore the shoes back again that day, contenting myself to walk back to the house with only one shoe. Of course my friend laughed all the way back to our house, but that’s really what friends are for right?

The doctor said I got myself tailors bunion, like these, from the wearing of those ill-fitting, expensive shoes of mine. I wondered of what causes bunions really, and is it that easy to get them? So I asked my doctor who then explained to me that upon seeing my foot, he knew right away I had preexisting conditions for bunion formation. He also asked if anybody in my family has it, which I answered in the affirmative, as according to him, bunions are also hereditary.

So I guess I really have bunions. I was put under ice and pain reliever therapy, that is, I was to put ice and take pain relievers whenever it acts up again. The doctor strongly recommended against using the new shoes again as it was them that exacerbated my situation. Well what else can I really do but obey. I sometimes think I’m jinxed with regards to exercising as something always comes up when I do it. We’ll see next time.