Work, Work, Work

I was commissioned to do a short animation piece that tackles the various nuances, of all the things, nodular acne. Why would anyone do that I thought, much less pay for one. But I’m not one to complain as it is me one who is on the receiving end of the payment and their money is as good as anyone’s last time I looked. Besides, I need several new pairs of shoes as my old ones I can’t use anymore, thanks to my bunions and stuff. So let’s just say the money would be very welcome and will eventually be put to good use.

So the problem is on how will I portray nodular acne, without the animation sequence becoming some sort of an alien horror flick? Hmm. Would I portray it as some sort of character that comes out of the skin like a mascot or something? Would I include it in a story, or make a story about how it appears? Or maybe I’ll just do it in such a way that it will look like an infomercial kind of animation sequence or something like that. Got to check with the customer first to make sure of how he wanted it portrayed.

Nodular acnes are those pimples that are particularly big and very painful to deal with. They start as that painful bump on your face that you seem to wonder of where they came from, or of how you managed to get it. It affects several layers of your skin and hurts very much. They grow mostly on the face and body, and are responsible for the bad rap that pimples commonly possess, as they are the ones that usually leave behind unsightly scars and pockmarks on the face.

I remember having them not so long ago in my teens. I used to be afraid of going out when I had them, as I am sure I wouldn’t hear the end of it from my knucklehead friends. I used to pick at it at first, trying hard to squeeze it out, but it won’t, and all I did was to worsen it. I’m glad that I didn’t carry much of the holes in my face when I grew up to be an adult, else I wouldn’t be this handsome, haha.

I learned how to deal with them the hard way and only after many tries. It only took a warm towel over the face to hasten its ripening then just leaving it alone did the trick. I thought that it died of loneliness or something as I never did pay any attention to it unlike the first times I had them.

Well back to reality for me, had enough reminiscing for the day as I remember that I still have shoes to buy, so back to work. Maybe I’ll do a love story animation wherein Mr. Acne died in the end, but not without exploding and leaving a huge crater first. Now that would be a sight.