Mr. Whiskers

I kept on looking at the corner aquarium in my office today for no apparent reason. I watched the angel fish chase the gold fish around the tank a couple of times, darting this and that way, seemingly oblivious to all the other fishes around them. Maybe he likes her or something, I thought. But although the angel fish was fast, he didn’t stand a chance against the gold fish, as even though his fins were so intricately beautiful, they were eventually just drag in the water.

The office was sleepily quiet as I was just the only person there. I purposely wanted to be alone as I still have a humongous pile of work that still needs to be done. The majority of the work includes just paper works that was needed to be signed and then filed afterwards, but there is that one thing that has been keeping me. I have to create a story line for a five minute animation about unicorns.

That’s somewhat relatively easy for me to do as I am king with regards to fantasy stuff, but the thing that is keeping me this long to do it, is the myriads of things that kept entering my mind as to how the story would be like. I was almost sure of one thing, when another thing entirely different enters my mind, then another, and another. My knowing a lot of things about the genre sometimes poses problems it seems.

Maybe that’s also why I was fixated to the aquarium in the first place. I kept thinking about that unicorn stuff but nothing really entered my mind, I was just looking at the fishes doing their thing and the minutes ticked away. I thought that there was something missing in the aquarium but that I just can’t really seem to put my fingers on it.

A brief moment of clarity descended on me as I realized that it was those bottom dwelling fishes that I was thinking about, the ones I saw in the pet shop the other day. I think they were called Pictus catfish or something close to that. Those small hard looking fishes that have two large whiskers on either side of their face, and who spends their time stuck on the glass of the aquarium or somewhere in the bottom of it.

Maybe it’s the excess food I saw at the bottom of the office aquarium that made me think of them. They were some sort of aquarium cleaners I heard. I must get some of them to put in our aquarium, as it would sure surprise everybody to see those things stuck to the glass. Hopefully no one fishes them out and throw them away, thinking of it as an abnormality or something. But I think they won’t catch them that easily though, and they have to be creative on what catfish bait they are going to use if they plan on catching them.

I never did get to finish my story about the unicorns by the way. Maybe tomorrow will be a good day for that. But not before I go buy myself a couple of Mr. Whiskers for our aquarium that is.