My Foray into Distorted Taste

metal taste in mouthToday I got a taste of my own medicine, literally that is. You see I always like to have something inside my mouth. Chewing gum, candies, nuts, bolts (just kidding), and even the end of a pen or a pencil while we’re at it, I just like to always nibble at something and keep my mouth moving and stuff. It’s a mannerism I’ve got since I was a little child and I can’t seem to get rid of it no matter how I tried, short of stapling my mouth shut or something to that effect.

I am not particularly conscious of me doing it, I just always find myself gnawing the tip of a pen with my mouth most of the time (the back end and not the one that writes mind you), especially when I’m working, thinking about something, or just plain old daydreaming during the lulls in between things.

I’m not proud of it, neither ashamed of it. It’s just something that is peculiarly different about me. Is it a reaction to something deeper emotionally or a reflection of a subdued feelings? I don’t really think so, maybe it’s just me being a knucklehead or something.

So about the thing that happened to me, well, I had metal taste in mouth all afternoon and whatever I did to get rid of it, nothing seems to work. I checked the pen I was chewing on to see if it was missing something but it was complete, a little bit battered from my chewing but nothing was missing from it.

I also checked on my tooth fillings if there was any that fell out, because I was also chewing gum earlier that day, thankfully also nothing wrong there, which eventually brought me in front of my computer to search on the internet of what could possibly be wrong with me this time.

Dysgeusia was a recurrent term during my searches and apparently it was a common thing to happen to people, not only metallic tastes but also sweet and salty taste in mouth as well. It was defined as the state of altered taste secondary to an illness or to something ingested, in other words it was a symptom of something else.

Things that causes Dysgeusia includes, among other things, are hormonal changes during pregnancies, antibiotics and other medicines, smoking, vitamin deficiencies, chemotherapy, dental problems, some cancers, and also of clupeotoxin poisoning, such as when you eat fish that have the toxin in their bodies, a mishmash of causes that I could pick from apparently.

It also said that Dysgeusia is only a temporary thing that resolves itself in a day or so with no lasting effects. A visit to the doctor is needed for longer instances of the disease, so that its cause be known and treated immediately.

But I’ve got that nagging feeling that it has got something to do with my bad habit of putting things in my mouth constantly. Maybe I’ll try not doing it for a day or so, then maybe this Dysgeusia thing will disappear by itself. I know it’ll be hard but the consequences may be dire if I don’t do it. Apparently the fear of sickness is much stronger than bad habits it seems.