Friend in Need

So how do I go about doing it? How to get over someone that is, said my friend to me at a bar, which I do not normally frequent. I do not really go to bars period and I was just there to comfort him and stuff.

He had just broken up with his long-time girlfriend of seven years after she said to him that she found someone else, someone who had managed to win her heart. That is, no question, very hard for anyone to experience.

I pity my friend as they seem very happy as a couple the many times I see them together. How many dreams had to be broken and certainly a whole future needed to be rewritten by this tragic turn of events. I really don’t think he saw it coming else he wouldn’t really be reduced to this crying pile of broken heartedness.

I’ve had my umpteenth vodka cooler and we’ve been here almost four hours, talking about many things. Talking about them repeatedly, it seems, but hey, I’m sure glad I wasn’t the one who had the problem or it’ll be infinitely worse believe me. I can’t handle rejection very well and I rather not talk about what I would do if confronted with one. It seems he doesn’t know either.

I’ve known him since we were little kids back in our old neighborhood. His family were well-off and he was the only child, we all know how only child people tend to act sometimes right? Well, sometimes some of them apparently suffer from the “only child syndrome”.

It’s like when an only child gets whatever he wants, when he wants it kind of thing, instantaneous gratification without thinking about anything or anyone’s welfare whatsoever according to this website in the internet. But he really wasn’t like that at all, well at least with me he wasn’t and we get along just fine. We are still friends now right?

But the rejection part I think he will have a great deal of trouble adjusting to as, like it or not, he really does sort of get accustomed to getting what he wants most, if not all, of the time. So go figure it out.

And even if it was not his fault in the first place, he really looks like he is the one that got utterly destroyed by the situation. Well yes, he’s the victim alright, so it is he who suffers most by convention, but what makes it infinitely more damaging is that he can’t really live without her, or so he says. He’s in new territory rather and he’s kind of lost.

Maybe he just needs someone to talk to about it and maybe release some of his pent up anger about things. That’s where I enter the equation, to somewhat act like some kind of shock absorber to his runaway, rampaging truck of grief. Well I’m here for him and I’ll stay with him as long as he likes. Keep the drinks running and let the bad times roll I say.