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Leaky Gut Syndrome

Leaky Gut Syndrome

Last week I had red bumps all over my body for three straight days, not only that, it was also accompanied by constant sneezing. It was an event which really freaked me out totally and you would freak out too if you happen to see me during those days. They are no ordinary bumps and they were more close to welts than bumps really, as they are elongated red swellings, the kind you might have when you got yourself whipped or something.

It came from out of nowhere and I just noticed them when I scratched on my forearm as it felt somewhat itchy. After some vigorous scratching, the kind I always do the first time something itches so that it won’t anymore, I continued with my work. My attention was veritably glued to the computer monitor as the job at hand was sort of intricate that I didn’t notice that my whole arm was already covered with red blotches, not only my arms but my body as well.

I can’t remember what caused it and I was never allergic to anything before this episode. I pride myself on being made of sturdy stuff and am resistant to most any common diseases, but it seems that isn’t true anymore. I woke up, readied myself for work, drank coffee and toast, came to the office, worked hard, ate only corn during lunch as the work I’m doing needed almost all my attention, finished the item, rested a little while reviewing the finished animation and now this. What? Am I allergic to corn now? Are these things supposed to be some kind of corn allergy symptoms? I can’t remember for the life of me, me being allergic to corn, ever in my entire life.

The explanation coming from the doctor was somewhat vague to me, probably because it is only now that I’ve heard of this thing or maybe I was in denial or something, but in gist, he said that what was happening to me was in fact “leaky gut syndrome”.

He said that I somehow disrupted the balance of beneficial bacteria in my digestive tract, of all places why there I thought. He added that it is usually caused by someone being on birth control pills, taken antibiotics for a time, or has been habitually eating processed foods. Well I’m not on the pill or been taking antibiotics, so maybe it’s the third I am guilty of.

The doctor explained that when there is no balance in the digestive tract, yeast begins to grow unabated, which thereby undermines the immune system that has the digestive system as its base. The yeast outbreak eventually creates perforations in the intestines allowing yeast and some other forms of toxins to get into the bloodstream, thereby starting allergic reactions, some, even to substances that you once weren’t allergic to before.

Maybe some weird form of yeast allergy or something and the doctor told me to lay off processed foods for a while or risk compromising my immune system further. I think I’m sort of very inclined to follow his advice this time.

Warning Signs that you Should Not Take for Granted

Sitting down for long periods of time is dangerous to your health. Besides pooling the fats into your waistline adding unwanted girth to it, studies say that sitting down indefinitely are being linked to lower levels of good cholesterol as well as slower metabolic functions and susceptibility to infections and swelling. We all know that all these items are related to, and eventually lead to certain poor health in general and heart problems in particular.

Having a job that requires you to be seated most, if not all, of the time, I think is more hazardous than having a job that sees you standing regularly. When you are sitting for long periods of time, you are prone to several kinds of situational illnesses that even if you are just there, doing nothing in particular, it will happen to you.

I’m not telling you these things just because of a whim or something trivial in nature. I’m telling you this as a warning of sorts. You see I have a friend who is also into animations and films, who also recently experienced his third heart attack in as many years. Good thing for him as the two previous ones were of the mild variety, leaving him virtually untouched save for some minor inconveniences like the on again and off again pain in right arm and the bouts of forgetfulness that sometimes takes the better of him, but the third one really got him good as it left the right side of his body paralyzed. Now he can’t really do the things he used to do, least of all doing animation which was also his life’s passion.

Last time I talked with him, he kept complaining of his numbness in left arm problem and how it makes it difficult to do his job properly. It usually requires precision movements among his two hands and arms just to do a frame of animation, what more an entire feature film of it, he really had a hard time with that. I suggested he lay low for a while and rest, but his gung-ho attitude to his work really made that impossible. His diet also didn’t help.

Numbness in the left arm usually signals irritation, damage or compression of nerves most likely in the vertebrae located in the neck area, but in his case, it can also be a sign of latent heart problems, as what we had found out later. He said that it started as a little numbness in the left arm which kind of radiated up until his elbow; he felt no pain in his heart only a feeling of great pressure in the middle part of his chest, he felt labored in his breathing and the next thing he knew, he was already lying in a hospital bed.

It’s his third time with that so probably he’ll take much better care of himself right now. He will always be reminded of that once he looks at his limp left arm hanging taut beside him.