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3D Animation Simplified

3D Animation Simplified

Do you want to know what I do for a living? Well I’m a certified freelance 3D animator, and dare I say a good one at that. With all the repeat projects and the permanent ones that are under my portfolio, coupled with the long list of companies that always utilize my services, convince me of the general quality of my work. Being nice and approachable also helps as who wouldn’t like that.

Your next question probably is going to be on what particular things do I usually work on and what the heck is a 3D animator? Well, our work, to put it simply, is all about imagination and the ways we put it into a tangible object, say a movie or a short film, but it’s not limited to those things and the possible uses of 3D animation is virtually endless, and I think, that as advance as it is now, we are only barely scratching the surface of it’s possible uses.

A 3D animator makes imaginary worlds appear so real that you would say it’s not anymore the drawings and sketches that they really are. We make images stand up and move around backgrounds that also move as well. Lighting, shadows, motion, movement are always considered and scrutinized very carefully with every frame so that we can make the make-believe believable. We try our very best to make fictional things become reality to whoever sees them.

So you can very well see the great effort we put into each and every one of our projects, and sometimes it gets the better of us and in fact, the attrition rate among our ranks is very high. Back problems, especially the lower left back pain variety is very prevalent, usually caused by sitting too much and the withholding going to the bathroom, are kind of inevitable because we really just can’t leave our work whenever we wanted to.

Me for example, I have been experiencing a sort of right side back pain on and off these past couple of weeks. One time it got so painful that I checked with a doctor about it, expecting to hear something that I will be regretful of. I’ve done my research and saw several nasty diseases like UTI, lumbar muscle strain, slipped disc and gallbladder problems to name a few, and all the doctors got to do now is pick among them, I just really need to know which.

My diagnosis was sciatica, which seems to be the result of improper posture, especially during sitting, which I also tend to do a lot of when I am working. So I’m basically flummoxed with my situation. Maybe I should start practicing my seating properly with a straight back and stuff. It’s like grade school all over again.

So the next time you watch any 3D animated film, keep in mind the hard work and long hours that was invested doing it. And if you are really interested in being one of us, do continue with your dream and persevere. The rewards are truly worth it.

My Cat

For lack of better things to do let’s talk about cats today, cats and everything about them that I can think of. Now that can be a hard thing depending on which side of the fence you are in right now. Cats, you either love them or hate them, there is no in between, there is no gray area, only black and white. Me? I think I can consider myself on the right side of the force this time, and to quote a famous Yoda saying which can also be translated with people’s love for cats or the lack thereof, “Do or do not, there is no try”.

So what is it about cats that polarize people into either loving them to bits, or hating them to the point of ridiculousness? Maybe it has got something to do with the cat’s penchant of being aloof, of not minding anything at all besides itself, even to its owners who does not seem to mind and still love them. I still love them, even if it takes countless hours of petting and a box full of their favorite food just to get their attention.

I don’t know, maybe it’s their let go attitude that attracts me to them. They’re just there in the corner, accompanying me when I’m doing my work, not bothering or anything, they are just there, like the lamp or the unmoving cabinet. It somehow assures me that I’m not alone and that there’s someone there with me. Sometimes I get a bonus and she will sit on my lap for lack of better things to do. Sometimes she gets between my legs and purrs herself to sleep. It’s the little things like that which I like most.

I would have gotten my hands on a new cat if not for the strange emotional parting I suffered with the old one. Her name was Chelsea and she was with me for five years before her untimely demise. I got her, or she got me actually, already full grown. She had the gall to scratch on my workroom window in our house while I was there doing my work, maybe the cold was strong enough to drive her into doing such “uncatly” thing. I eventually relented and let her in and that started our relationship.

Five years with nary an eventful time to speak of, she is just there in the corner, watching me intently or something. Sometimes I think that she is only resting her tired old body from years of straying, which would’ve been a really hard thing even to cats. Maybe she is sick with something. Roundworms in cats are typical to strays like her who have no access to any healthcare.

She is listless most of the time, maybe because she is fat or just plain old. I’ve heard that pancreatitis in cats is the leading cause of death in cats. Maybe she had it as I have noticed something different with her during her last days with me. She rarely ate and her breathing was fast and hard, she was lethargic and was also looking dehydrated, all classic signs of pancreatitis. I would’ve helped her if I knew she was sick but she didn’t come home the next day. I kept waiting for a week but still no cat to be heard of. Typical of her that even in death, she chose not to be bothered.