My current project, which is a kind of outsourcing work form Pixar, wherein it is required of us to generate several layers of animation backgrounds for use in later films, is a very tough nut to crack. Imagine thinking of brand new sceneries never before seen in this earth, or ever for that matter, and doing not only one of them, but several, actually two dozen of them, with still more in the future if our works proved satisfactory.

It’s a very hard project with lots of man hours involved in doing it, good thing I have two partners to share it with as it would be virtually impossible to do it on my own, given the short timeframe that comes with the completion of the project. I’m also very happy that the two partners I am working with happen to be close friends in the industry. One of them was even a classmate in high-school so we go way back. It promises to be a very rewarding and fun project to make.

The rewarding part comes later when we manage to finish the whole thing, but the fun part is now, as in everyday now. You see Jim, my former classmate, is a clown to be around with, not that I’m complaining or anything, but you always tend to look forward, to what another day may bring, when he’s around. But yesterday was sort of his karma day and it was he that was the object of all the fun.

He came to the office wearing a baseball cap and that got us all curious. It was really a hot day and the air-conditioning can’t seem to keep up with the heat and stuff, so after having lunch, Jim unintentionally removed his cap, which was a really bad move on his part, as it revealed an out-break of scalp folliculitis all over his newly cleanly shaven head.

Amidst laughter, he said he got his head shaven because of the severe itching that he experienced because of it. Folliculitis is a kind of inflammatory condition of the hair follicles in the scalp region, which are usually distinguished by tiny and very itchy eruptions or pimples scattered around the area. It is commonly cause by yeast, bacteria and also mites. He said that he have been affected by it for a long time, four months to be exact and he also have the scabs on scalp to prove it. He said he can’t really resist the desire to scratch at it and stuff, and it was particularly worse during the day, as his sweat tends to irritate the pimples in his head that is also why he purposely got bald in the first place.

We said that wearing any head gear while having folliculitis, is not so good an idea as it hinders proper air circulation in the area, lengthening the time for his malady to heal. So basically, he eventually has to show the world what happened to his head or else, risk having it worsen for him. He may just have to bear and grin with it for a while.