I recently came across an article which describes several types of people according to their preferences and views of things. It’s called the Myers-Briggs personality type pairing and it seeks to find which types of people may be attracted or compatible to which types of personality and vice versa.

The basic premise of the pairings is that besides the common things that attracts us to each other like physical traits, race, religion, educational level, and age among other things, there is also this powerful aspect of attraction that makes relationships last longer. It is the attraction of two human beings that is based on personality types.

Personality type dictates what a person would generally do in any given situation, at any given place and at all times. It is their core beliefs and tendencies which enable them to respond to any stimulus from the outside world in their own way, detached from what others may think and may or may not conform to the norm.

Two such examples of partnership between personality types are the INFJ relationship and the INFP relationships. INFJ (introversion, intuition, feeling, judging) people are typically caring and sensitive kinds of partners who gives their all to show what they feel to the ones they love. Although they may tend to be sort of a general perfectionist, they are very sincere to a fault and very dedicated to do everything possible, to keep the relationship going.

INFP (introversion, intuition, feeling, perception) people on the other hand are the dreamers and the idealist who are driven with a strong sense of good and bad. They always try to find the meaning of things and love their partners unconditionally, just not conventionally as they always seem to do things imaginatively and indirectly. INFP’s are generally a people’s kind of person but may not look it, as they always keep their thoughts to themselves.

So what does this really mean for us lowly mortals, who generally just dive into the next relationship available to us and don’t really know if it will be good or bad for us? Well, I don’t really know either and your guess is as good as mine. Last I heard relationships were undecipherable things on what really makes it work. And every people entering it are at the mercy of the fates that we generally have no control of whatsoever.

I may be biased about it, probably because I have been a victim of sorts with regards to this relationship thing. Maybe I should really learn about this personality type pairing thing so that I would have a fair chance of landing my fair lady sometime soon. Nah, I think this is just another way to muddle things up. When you’re in a relationship, you really don’t have time to think about these things right? Maybe in the beginning yes, but when you’re already knee deep in one, you just sort of wing it from there or something. It does take a great amount of effort and dedication to make one work out. But I think it’s eventually still up to the fates to decide.