Having a pregnant wife is very tiring but very fulfilling at the same time. Imagine your daily regular routine of all the things you do and then triple it, that’s how it is with me these days. But don’t get me wrong that I’m complaining or anything, in fact I’m enjoying every minute of it and wouldn’t exchange it for anything in the world. Just thinking of our long wished for baby inside her belly makes all the hardships evaporate in an instant.

In fact I’m of the thinking that things still needs a little bit of jacking up a bit, as time really go so fast and next thing we know the baby is already due, thankfully it is still a couple of months out . The room for the baby is still half finished. We haven’t bought any baby clothes yet pending the ultrasound which I and my wife are debating of whether to do it or not, with me thinking of keeping the baby’s gender a surprise and my wife rushing to know which for sure. There are still so many things to do.

I’m also worried for my wife from doing anything, what with the condition she is already in. I wouldn’t risk anything happening to her during these important days, I just want her to just rest and rest and I’ll take care of everything. Just last week she had an outbreak of pimples over her face and chest, also some in her back but it was on her chest that fell the full brunt of it. A couple of pimples under the skin on her face, which she say hurts terribly, is giving her problems as she can’t smile or frown properly because of them.

Although the occurrence of acne and pimples during pregnancy is common and to be expected, we didn’t risk any complications arising from it so I brought her to her OB, who then recommended to us a good dermatologist which can treat and explain these things to us. Thankfully, our worries were thoroughly addressed.

The doctor we visited said that indeed, having pimples are common during pregnancy. He said it was because of the excess sebum being produced by the body due to the constant fluctuation of hormones, coupled with rapid skin shedding, also attributed to hormones, which produces the condition. He added that it can’t really be avoided and all there is to do is to let it run its course.

But what I’m worried about with regards to my wife’s pimples is her tendency to always pick on them or tinker with them whenever she feels like it. Worse, her picking soon leads to eventual popping of the pimple which, heaven forbid, may lead to an infection of sorts. One thing may lead to another and we might really not know the adverse effect it may bring to her pregnancy and the baby in her womb. Anyways I’ll just have to explain to her that she has to stop with the bothering of her pimples a bit. I think she’ll understand.