My job is making me really fat. So fat that today I am having such pretty hard time picking things up from the floor, which really was not the case just last year. I am feeling a little bit sluggish with my movements and either the dry cleaning service is doing something bad with my clothes, as they seem to be shrinking, or I am really getting bigger. I believe the latter is more correct if we were to base it from what my friends say about me, and believe me they are not the least flattering.

Another thing that proves my case is the stretch marks located in various parts of my body. I remember having tons of them especially in the belly area and also in the flaps on my arms. I was fat, then I became thin again in the middle part of last year, and if I remember it correctly, it was due to the fitness craze I got myself into that time, as it was a pretty much popular thing back then and I sort of joined the bandwagon. I also went to the wedding of my sister and I had to trim down if I was to fit into the tux given to me.

I used to crash diet during those times and should’ve known I couldn’t keep it up for long as I gained all the weight back in a fraction of the time I spent losing it, probably gained much more than I lost. That rollercoaster weight loss did bring chaos to my body as I suffered from a variety of illness, least of which was not a few bouts of diarrhea and general weakness in my body. That was also the time I grew my very own farm of stretch marks.

My body was fine to begin with, and then I gained weight and had to lose it again in a short period of time. Such rapid expansion and contraction didn’t give the skin on my body the proper time to heal itself, which thereby caused stretch marks to develop on areas that experienced the most movement. Instead of worrying about losing weight, my thoughts then went into how to remove stretch marks, and believe me I did search online and found this site

Several of the most common things I saw that are used to fight stretch marks were lotions and creams, particularly Vitamin E oil, moisturizers, egg oil, Tretinoin, Retin-A, Lextrin, glycolid acid and many other manufactured things. Of course there were also the use of exercise to re-stretch the offending stretch marks as well as surgeries like the tummy tuck, abdominoplasty and the use of lasers for treatment. There is even the tattoo over stretch marks route, for those people who are desperate enough to do such procedures.

But unfortunately, the one thing that worked best for me with regards to stretch marks and it removal is, sadly getting fat again. Yep. Unfortunately that’s what it took to at least even out those ridges in my belly, and I didn’t have to do anything for it as it just occurred matter-of-factly. I’ve somewhat came full circle and I’m the least bit excited on the ride developing in front of me. I’m not ready for the next round.