Maybe it’s because I’m always sitting when I’m doing my work. Maybe it was the way I threw the ball back to the baseball playing kids that I happened to pass by this afternoon, or maybe it’s really because of my posture or the general lack of it. I don’t really know. All I know is that I now have this pain between shoulder blades that’s been nagging me all day.

I have read about shoulder subluxation and it’s my fear that I somehow managed to get it. I have a feeling of tenderness in the area between my shoulder blades and it sort of hurts when I extend my hand whichever way and also when I am lifting something. I have got to get to the bottom of this as I can’t really work with this thing on my back.

Shoulder subluxation according to the medical article I’ve read is some kind of shoulder instability brought about by a rather short-term dislocation of the shoulder joint. The shoulder joint is a kind of a ball and socket joint wherein the top of the humerus is the ball and the shoulder capsule being the socket.

Shoulder subluxation and shoulder dislocation it said, are two totally different things with the former being only a strain on the area, while the latter means a total separation between the structures of the shoulder joint. The shoulder joint is kept stable by various things like tendons, muscles and ligaments, so damage to one of them may mean instability to the joint as a whole.

So the question is which of the two did I really have? Maybe I would safely say that I don’t have shoulder dislocation as I can still freely move my shoulders, albeit with minor pain with some of the movements, and if I did have a dislocation, I would readily know as it would be a sight to see the bone bulging unnaturally on the skin of one of my shoulders. Thankfully everything is still in their proper places and nothing is protruding and stuff.

Maybe it’s some form of shoulder subluxation but I really must not diagnose this for myself as I don’t have any background on this thing and it is only now that I’ve felt my shoulders acting up like this.

Yep, probably the right thing to do during these kinds of situations is to directly go to a professional who knows all about these things. No use self- diagnosing as I may probably make it worse than it is. Who knows, it may just be something ordinary that I managed to forget about like the last time I was complaining about numbness in my legs, turned out I slept on it long enough to hinder circulation in them. I really thought I had diabetes or some sort of sickness that time.

What can I say, maybe I’m really getting old and these problems are just signs of it. Time really flies without us knowing about it and we wake up one day and were already old and stuff. Probably this would be a good time to get that vacation I have been planning to go to for a long time now. Yes, that would really get rid of this shoulder aching thing pretty well.