I had a lengthy talk with my mother the other week when she came in for a visit. We talked about old times and the many things that popped up in our minds. We talked about back home, we talked about dad, and we talked about everything. It is a good thing that we get to have this time together as I have been missing her a lot lately, and also that she is not getting any younger too, so I had to make sure we did a lot during her brief stay with us.

Mom talked about the times when she was still young and the many places she had been to. Her dad, my grandfather, was a serviceman assigned to different places during his tour of duty, which means they get to travel a lot during those days. My grandmother on the other hand was a Japanese national whom my grandfather met on his stay in Japan.

Mom told me that my grandparents met on the day where the Cherry Blossoms bloomed and immediately fell in love with each other, now how’s that for love at first sight. My mom was their eldest and was born precisely on the same day the following year that my grandparents met and knew each other. It was destiny, my mom told me.

We also talked about me and my growing up. How she had a hard time carrying me in her belly the time she was pregnant and the difficult time she had with me in childbirth, as I was a particularly large baby at almost nine pounds according to her.

newborn diarrheaHow she took care of me singlehandedly, as my father who was also a serviceman, was always away on tour most of the time. The trouble she had when I had acquired newborn diarrhea, and the happiness she felt experiencing my frequent newborn growth spurts when I was a baby.

My growing up is another topic of our conversation as she told me that I was a particularly good boy when it comes to obedience and respect. How we always played together even if she was already tired from all the housework and the chores that was needed to be done.

I had very few friends back then because of the fact that we too always moved a lot, but that didn’t stop her from becoming the best friend that I never had. I remember those times dearly, of how she went out of her way to always be there when I need something. Be both my father and mother, and also my friend every time I need one.

We talked about many more things that day and it did carry on to the next day, and the day after that, and every single day that she was here with us. We literally talked about everything under the sun, and then some. How I love those talks with my mother and I secretly hoped that it would never end. How I wished she could stay with me forever.