It was another lazy day at the office today with really nothing to do but finish off paper works, again! It’s kind of a cycle with us with regards to paper works and stuff, as we have to accomplish a ton of them after finishing every animation sequence we churn out. I don’t know, but isn’t there a person in charge with these kinds of things instead of us always doing them?

It’s hard enough thinking about the real work at hand but what we really dread is not the technical, or even the artistic side of doing animation sequences, it is the boring task of filling off form after form of this and that every months end. If it was announced that we would be doing those kinds of things when I started applying to this job then that might have made me think pretty hard of continuing my application.

Anyways, you really got to do what you need to do, especially during these hard times we have been encountering these couple of years. Otherwise there’s no work, and no work means no money, and no money, well, you get the drift of what I’m pointing at. So I get to do it whether I like it or not, mostly not actually.

Good thing a dog kept me company throughout the ordeal which also helped eased my frustrations. It was a sort of company dog as it was always brought to work by its owner who was our officemate and this time he went to me as I was eating a sandwich and a banana at that time.

I’m really not giving him my sandwich no matter how hard he kept me on a stare down, but you’ve got to admire how he kept at it. So I eventually threw him half of my banana, which was kind of funny because he ran away fast upon seeing the banana, as if it’s a bomb or something, the poor thing.

A coworker saw what had transpired and was laughing at what had happened, which also made me think if bananas are really a no-no for dogs. I know bananas are very good for people but not so sure about dogs so I asked my coworker the question of can dogs eat bananas? He replied in the affirmative.

He said that he always feed his dog bananas as some form of treat and that his dog liked it very much. He also mentioned that fish oil for dogs is also very good as it was a kind of a cure-all to many a dogs common maladies like fur shedding, joint problems, and lack of appetite amongst other things. He said he read about them in the internet and it was also there where he buys the fish oil, apparently he knows what he’s talking about so I believed him.

Yes the dog came back eventually, maybe after realizing that it was really food that was thrown at him and not some grenade or some other deadly thing. He also ate the banana after several smell through, probably to prove the veracity of it really being a banana and stuff. And I thought he gave me a wink after finishing the banana. I don’t know, maybe my mind is playing tricks on me again. I winked back, just in case.