Ever since I was a little child I have loved drawing. I used to draw everything I can when I can get my hands on a pencil and even just a little bit of paper. I can even do it without paper also and use our walls and floors as my blank canvass to draw my masterpieces on.

There is also the problem of me getting anything I can put my hands on and try to use them to draw. Things like food, fruits, rocks, and I even used my bare hands once, according to my mother, to try and scratch an image on a wall. Let’s just say it wasn’t anymore repeated as I learned the lesson myself, and even got achy peeling fingernails in the process.

Of course my mother wouldn’t hear anything of it, but she did not scold me or anything, she even in fact, encouraged me on my whims. She just bought me loads of stuff and reams of paper just to satisfy my activities, and primarily also to get me off the walls and furniture, which were apparently very hard to clean.

I have a whole plethora of writing equipment such as crayons, pencils, pens, colored pencils, and the thick colored markers which I loved the most, because of their clearness and depth, not to mention they look so bright and cover up a large area of any paper with just a single stroke.

After the basic instruments, I graduated into much complex ones that needed much more skill to use. I began to dabble into pastel crayons, water colors, oil pastels and even poster color. The last two I began to hate early because of several mishaps that happened to me while using them.

Let’s just say I took a bath of brightly colored green poster paint while painting one day, and had trouble removing it by myself. My mother came home and saw me still covered with the green paint, that she could not help but fall down laughing. The oil on canvass was another monster entirely as I managed to get myself toppled over with the easel on top of me. I don’t know what happened and all I remembered of that day was me on the hospital emergency room with a severely sprained finger.

After much exploring and experimenting on different mediums, I eventually settled to the things I loved the most. Drawing things was really my passion and I thought I could express myself clearly just by using a simple pencil or a charcoal pencil at the most. They provided me the clarity and simplicity which I desired the most in my drawings, and I have been stuck with them ever since.

Today I usually draw on a computer with the help of a drawing pad and a stylus. It immediately conveys my figures directly to the computer and colors them at the same time, which helps greatly in my line of work. Being able to do the things you love while working is a very ideal situation for me and I am very thankful for it. Now this is what you call life!